TPP has over the years built a talented and experienced advertising team that can actively generate advertising and sponsorship sales revenue for clients, providing ROI. Our sales efforts include print media, online campaigns, e-newsletters, sponsorships and events for your business. Our proactive sales efforts produce additional revenue and assist in off setting costs of production. TPP offers our clients access to a team with years of experience in the advertising/marketing arena and ensures you’ll see results quickly and have peace of mind that your brand is being represented professionally.

At TPP, we believe and have case studies to show, that your business website can be another profitable source of income. Our professional team has experience commercialising business websites, social media amongst other digital channels. The South African market has matured and larger budgets are being allocated to online advertising. We know how to tap into these budgets to monetise your site without compromising your business objectives.

Amongst others, we currently commercialise www.beautysouthafrica.com and www.clicks.co.za.

For more information talk to Nic Morkel, Head of Sales, nmorkel@tppsa.co.za