A content strategy is all about planning. It is the strategic framework that overarches the creation, delivery and management of useable, useful content that is aligned to business goals. It gets the right content to the right user at the right time.

At TPP we frame and benchmark all we deliver against a strong content strategy for your business. Your content strategy informs your digital strategy and your social media strategy.

Through working with some of South Africa’s largest brands we have established:

* The importance of authoritative content in establishing your brand as a trusted authority
* How to produce quality content that influences customer behaviour
* How to leverage content across multiple channels
* The importance of internalising a brand’s values and insights to create the perfect tone of voice
* How to respond to analytics and insights and use them to improve content and increase engagement.

At TPP, we offer unique once-off workshops to help you create a distinct, effective and measurable content strategy for your business. For more information, contact Susan Newham-Blake on snewham@tppsa.co.za